Written on 23/10/2014, 20:51 by Marion Davis
trading-forests-quantifying-the-role-of-export-commodities-in-tropical-deforestationA new study led by NORD-STAR’s Martin Persson shows production of beef, soy, palm oil and wood drove about one-third of deforestation in 8 studied...
Written on 27/05/2014, 14:53 by Marion Davis
is-your-lunch-sustainable-a-quest-for-answers-in-a-globalized-food-systemA NORD-STAR project has produced a model that traces the soy imported by the EU to specific municipalities in Brazil and Argentina, which can help...
Written on 11/03/2014, 21:00 by Marion Davis
why-denmark-i-wouldnt-want-to-be-a-phd-student-anywhere-elseIn a Guardian blogpost, Bryndis Woods, a NORD-STAR PhD student, explains the many benefits of pursuing her graduate studies in a Nordic country.