University of Iceland

University of Iceland

The University of Iceland was established in 1911. The University is structured into 5 academic schools, and 25 faculties. The University of Iceland is the only university in Iceland offering undergraduate and graduate studies in all the main disciplines and its academics have received a great deal of international recognition for their scientific work such as in energy and climate change related research. Researchers at the University and members of the NORD-STAR team have led national assessments of mitigation and adaptation possibilities in Iceland. In addition to traditional disciplinary academic areas the University has international interdisciplinary graduate programmes such as a Environment and Natural Resources, run by NORD-STAR team member B. Davidsdottir.

The University of Iceland team contributes to Project 1, leading sub-project 1.1 based on its expertise in the economics of land-use change as well as its expertise in assessing the economic and environmental trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation activities that relate to land-use, such as forestry, growing of energy crops, soil reclamation and wetland restoration. The aim is to develop NORD-STAR research objectives in the context of land based climate change adaptation and response to climate change mitigation policies.

The UoI team leads as well to Project 3, leading subproject 3.2 based on its expertise in system dynamics modelling, assessments of technological transitions and sustainable energy systems, economic and environmental assessments of adaptation and mitigation options to climate change. The aim is to build dynamic systems models of the NORDIC energy system, enabling assessment of scenarios for alternative low-carbon energy system futures, identifying pathways that enable simultaneously mitigation and adaptation, and to identify policy leverage points that facilitate simultaneous adaptation and mitigation.

Disciplinary expertise of the team: Dynamic modelling of societal transitions, dynamics of industrial systems, economic and environmental assessment of technological change, economic and environmental assessments of GHG mitigation and adaptation activities, economics of land-use change, agricultural, environmental and ecological economics.

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