Aarhus University

Aarhus University

AU Herning is part of Aarhus University in Denmark, and thus part of one of the leading universities in the Nordic countries, and also one of the top 100 universities worldwide. AU Herning is a unique educational institution offering study programmes in engineering, business economics, international communication as well as management at the same institution. AU Herning has a high focus on close interaction with the business community and on research and development.

Besides NORD-STAR, AU Herning is home of several other research and knowledge centres. Innovative thinking, development and applied research pervade all professional activities at AU Herning, but the organisational centre of rotation for AU Herning’s R&D is primarily the research and knowledge centres. Among others, the centres include Danish University Wind Energy Training (DUWET), which supports competence development in the Danish wind energy sector and Centre for Energy Technologies (formerly HIRC) which is a knowledge centre for hydrogen technology, fuel cells and renewable energy.

In addition to AU Herning, the Aarhus University team also includes a number of scientists from the Department of Environmental Science.

Disciplinary expertise of the team: Cleantech, business development, renewable energy, innovation, climate communication, business communication, environmental/ecological economics, climate strategy and risk analysis, climate change vulnerability modelling, environmental geography, in particular land use modelling, socio-cultural aspects of climate change.

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