Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology

The research within the Department of Energy and Environment at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden covers a wide field within the areas energy and environment/sustainable development, from a global perspective to industrial, building, and product scale. The research fields include:

  1. Energy technology and energy conversion, both experimentally and theoretically.
  2. Development, use and evaluation of methods and tools for analysis of technical systems, regarding both environmental/sustainable development and energy.
  3. Complex Systems, with theory and applications ranging from biochemical systems to social ones.

The Chalmers team mainly contributes to the CRAs with a focus on modelling and visualisation. The work will include further development of interactive web-based models in CRA A. For current examples of such models, see GETOnline ( and Chalmers Climate Calculator ( The team also contributes to CRA B, which is the intersection between Project 1 and Project 3, and involves the development of a land use module connected to the regionalised energy systems models.

Disciplinary expertise of the team: Energy systems, climate change, interactive models, complex systems.

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