New game makes complex climate change issues easier to understand

NORD-STAR researchers have taken part in developing an interactive game named “Broken Cities”. The game creates discussion around the complexity of decision-making related to climate change adaptation and mitigation in urban areas. The real-world environment and informal setting of the game makes it a powerful tool for aiding understanding and decision-making in relation to climate change issues.

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From communication science to science communication

NORD-STAR’s approach to societal dialogue and stakeholder engagement was the focus of PhD student and NORD-STAR daily coordinator Anne Gammelgaard’s presentation at the Top-level Research Initiative’s Annual Conference in Helsinki 30 October 2012.

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New PhD student uses geovisualization to assess challenges and possibilities for agricultural land-use when affected by climate change and mitigation- and adaptation strategies

1 August 2012 Lotten Wiréhn joined the NORD-STAR team in a 4-year PhD position at Linköping University in Sweden. Lotten Wiréhn will be part of NORD-STAR project 1: Interactive land-use modelling, visualisation and decision support.

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Post-doctoral researcher position: Climate policy implications of bioenergy trade (Re-announcement)

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will host a post-doctoral position as part of NORD-STAR with the topic: Climate policy implications of bioenergy trade. The duration of the position is two years, with possibility of renewal or development of a permanent position. The application deadline is 30 November 2012. 

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Collaboration with the insurance industry ensures the societal value of research

When industry and researchers join forces, it creates a unique opportunity to transform highly complex data into user-friendly advice for society. A close collaboration between the Nordic insurance companies If, Gjensidige, Trygg-Hansa/Codan and Tryg Insurance and the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research NORD-STAR is an example of how researchers actively involve industry partners in the development process. 

Download this file (Insurance_project_brochure_VisAdapt NORD_STAR (1).pdf)Brochure: VisAdapt[Pdf]1274 Kb

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