Geographical Discoveries

Many interesting articles about finding new geographical objects or geographical patterns

How Geography Influences Evolution

Humans until they became stayed a lien in these setting for centuries. Security place, using idol and all the tribe and worship that was crude was, caused by anxieties. Life threatening agriculture’s coming given that the grounding to come up with groupings, suggesting a romantic institution with a movable picture. In river regions like, Tigris […]

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Invasion of North America

Back in 1534 that the Florentines, Gordano Verrazano, Beneath a French flag researched the Northeastern Shore of United States, calling it the New Gaul. Back in 1543 the French king the Francis had procured in the Pope the conclusions regarding which was, made in 1483 branch of earth between Portugal and Spain are legal just […]

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Europe Expansion to Africa

Expedition B. Dias and P. Koulianos well prepared that the Victory of da Gama. That at 1487-1488 chose a trip out of Lisbon into Calicut again back, paving the ocean road from Europe to North Asia. That enabled the Portuguese to begin expansion. Back in 1512-1513, they defeated the East African American shore and flipped […]

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Ediacaran: First Moves

This is the footprint of the earthling a long way at your home. You know the one it has Neil Armstrong’s boot printing onto the moon’s top layer. “A huge jump”, he predicted it. Properly, here is just another jump possibly only like “large”, nevertheless a bit vaguer. It had been, detected at a shadowy […]

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Discovery of West Africa

The start of studies. The Europeans hunted to establish ties in wherever they attracted gold slaves and ivory, but Islamic States from North Africa along with the Sahara desert’s terrain obstructed usage of it. Second, in Europe, every one of the optimism was sparked with the thought of Ptolemy the Indian sea wasn’t documented from […]

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Discovery of East India

The disperse from the 15 the century notions in regards to the town of the planet plus yet another Ocean gave birth into this notion of this prospect of achieving India along with China throughout the West round the Atlantic. Nonetheless, it had been believed in this manner is quite a bit briefer in Eastern […]

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Conquest of South America

Back in 1534, that the Spanish began that the conquest of all South America. Flow of colonization has proceeded into the East at 1534-1538 models H. Quesada defeated the chi tribes and seized that the shore of the Magdalena River and the top reaches of the Orinoco (Colombia). Even the southern Caribbean shore (Venezuela even […]

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