Conquest of South America

Back in 1534, that the Spanish began that the conquest of all South America. Flow of colonization has proceeded into the East at 1534-1538 models H. Quesada defeated the chi tribes and seized that the shore of the Magdalena River and the top reaches of the Orinoco (Colombia). Even the southern Caribbean shore (Venezuela even “very little Venice”) has been employed from the Germans below the direction of this banking residence Velia, that acquired from Charles V the proper to exploit these lands.

In addition, from 1555 these legal rights had been cancelled, along with Venezuela are comprised from the Spanish belongings. Back in 1551, F. de Orellana arrived into the roots of this Amazon and glancing because of it for her mouth. The next wave of colonization transferred south. Back in 1524-1531 that the Spaniards (booths. Pizarro and also D. Id Alfaro) captured that the north western shore of South America into Guayaquil Bay (Ecuador), and also at 1532-1534 conquered the Inca state Tau has become easily the absolute most potent political entity from pre Columbian the united states, that inhabited the land of reduce Peru (conquest had been completed at 1582).

Back in 1545, 1547 Alfaro D. established an invasion of Chile, but confronted ferocious opposition of those warlike tribes of araucarias, also so were, made to escape. At the 1550’s conquistadors led by P. de Valdivia defeated the larger area of Chile, nevertheless also the revolt of this araucarias as well as the passing of Valdivia led into the collapse of Spanish rule at the land South of this lake Bio. The flow of colonization was out of the southeast. Back in 15-18 Solis, in hunt of the southern passing into the Pacific sea located a Silver river (Adv. State of Parana). Back in 1536, that the Spaniards (P. Mendoza) strove to put on a foothold on the mouth (Argentina and Uruguay), in which he found that the Buenos Aires (“jack of the female of winds”). In 1538 they entered the basin of this lake Paraguay, that had been assembled Asuncion (“the metropolis of ascension”).

Shortly, nevertheless, assaults by nearby indigenous American tribes (charka, kerned) pressured them. In 1550, Conquistador Cabela Vasa was, able to acquire a foothold. Back in 1530 that the Portuguese commenced the colonization of Brazil, that captured its title by the reddish blossom timber, do Brazil (“timber burning coal”) however, the shore, mastered the mouth of the Amazon, the slopes of those seas Francisco and also Tocantins as well as at the top reaches this Parana. Back in 1583, subsequent to the Spanish annexation of Portugal, Brazil arrived under the hands of Spain (before 1640). Back in 1640, 1655 Eastern Brazil (in Pernambuco into Bahia) have been, held with the Dutch.

Guiana (shore South US involving the rivers Orinoco) became the first thing of Enlargement, France, England and Holland. From the 1580 an Unsuccessful try to repay at the Central Guiana (Suriname). Back in 1585, that the English Admiral W. Raleigh undertook an expedition Orinoco. Back in 1604, that the French started the Evolution of this Eastern Guiana (also the region In between Maroni), and West and Central Guiana throughout the seventeenth century has been a Stadium of those Dutch and English lands.

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