Interesting facts from the geography of different countries

  • The coldest capital of the world is Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
  • 336 rivers flow into Lake Baikal, and only one follows (Angara)
  • The Kingdom of Tonga is the only monarchy in Oceania
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway crosses exactly 3901 bridges

  • The archipelago of the Philippines includes 7107 islands
  • Less than 1 percent of the Caribbean islands are inhabited
  • On the flag of Iran, the inscription “Allah Akbar”
  • The 7 largest countries in the world (Russia, Canada, USA, China, Australia, Brazil and Argentina) occupy half of the world’s total land area
  • In Europe, there are 5 states that border only one other state – Portugal, Denmark, San Marino, the Vatican and Monaco
  • The eruption of the Mexican volcano Parikutin lasted 9 years (from 1943 to 1952). During this time, the cone of the volcano rose to 2774 meters
  • On the central square of the Canadian town of Glendon rises its official symbol – a dumpling height of 9 meters and weighing 2,700 kg
  • The London equivalent of New York Wall Street is called Lombard Street
  • In Togo, a man who compliments a woman must marry her
  • Five districts of New York: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan
  • In Europe, there is not a single desert. This is the only part of the world where there are no deserts
  • The structure of Japan includes more than 3900 islands
  • Of the 25 highest peaks of the world, 19 are in the Himalayas
  • Ganges has the largest delta of all rivers
  • In the US, as many as 3 cities of Peru and 9 more Paris

A bit more…

  • The smallest state – the Vatican – 44 hectares
  • State occupying the whole continent – Australia
  • The largest island state is Indonesia
  • The mainland with the largest number of borders – Africa-108
  • The longest border between neighboring states –
  • 8963 km, between the USA and Canada
  • The most multinational and multilingual state of India – more than 500 nationalities and tribes speaks more than 800 languages and 1600 dialects
  • The highest birth rate in Africa
  • The highest mortality rate in Africa
  • The most populous metropolis – Tokyo – 25.8 million people
  • The richest monarch of our time is the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam Muda Hassanal Bolkiah Muizdadin Waddaulah
  • (in his palace – 1,788 rooms)
  • In 1974, in Argentina, after the death of her husband, the world’s first president among women became
  • Maria Estela Martinez de Peron
  • The world’s oldest constitution, still in force, is the US Bill of Rights adopted in 1789
  • Countries that have no constitution at all – Israel, Lebanon, New Zealand, Oman and the United Kingdom.
  • The North Pole is the only point in the northern hemisphere that does not participate in the daily rotation of the Earth around its axis. There is no change of day and night, there is no longitude, there is no east, west and north directions.
  • At the equator, the day is always equal to the night, and the Sun twice a year (on the day of the spring and the day of the autumnal equinox) is at its zenith.
  • At the edge of the Sahara, locals build their homes underground. Here they find fresh water and a safe refuge from sandstorms.
  • Singapore can be traversed from the end to the end by metro. The territory of this country is stretched from north to south by 23 km, from west to east by 42 km. The total length of subway lines is 67 km. The metro is the most modern in the world.

  • White night is observed in latitudes, where the midday sun height above the horizon is less than 18˚, i.е. less than the height at which the end of astronomical twilight comes. Especially bright nights at a latitude of 59 to 66.5˚, where the midnight sun height is less than 8 degrees.
  • The 450 km. to the north of the capital of Namibia lies Hoba, the largest meteorite on Earth. Its weight is about 50 tons.
  • The largest fruit in the world – the fruit of Seychelles palm coco de-mer weighs about 20 kg.

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