Plagiarism: a reality in business schools

Does it exist in business schools such practice as cheating? The recent corporate scandals on Wall Street are a bad example for the younger generation. They learn to deceive. That is not an exception in business schools. Students who study at MBA programs have confirmed that they write off at examinations.

“We found that students who study in master’s programs suffer from plagiarism. The MBA students are most interested in writing off, “says a study conducted by the Academy of Management Learning and Education among 5,300 students from the US and Canada.

Many of the students consider this practice to be quite acceptable in business. More than half (56%) of MBA students admitted that they “deceived” last year. During the study, under the “deception” was meant: plagiarism, cheating, and the presence of prohibited materials during the exam.

“We believe that business schools must deal with this, since doing nothing confirms students’ confidence that such a practice is acceptable. We should try to find a free online plagiarism checker,” says Donald McCabe, author of the report of the Academy, from Rutgers University.

The reason why many teachers ignore cheating is fear of lawsuits. In this regard, the academic world becomes more like the world of business. It is necessary to change something. After all, for sure, many more students are written off on exams than admitted in the study. Donald McCab suggests creating an ethical society, among students of master’s programs. In this society, people will understand that the one who deceives, will not only damage themselves, but also other people of such a community.

In the world of business, too, there are changes. Companies are trying to be more open and transparent. The author of the study advises business schools to create a code of honesty “, which will contribute to improving the ethical behavior of students.

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